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The predecessor of Anhui Changjiang Color Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd., Anhui Province, Quanjiao Luhe Printing Factory was founded in April 1984. At that time, all of our family files had only two eight-disc and one old paper cutter, all The fixed assets are only 0.6 million yuan, and all employees have only 4 people. After more than 30 years of hard work, Changcai has more than 100 employees. The factory covers an area of ​​over 11,000 square meters, with total assets of nearly 50 million yuan. Among them, the cross-industrial park has acquired more than 7,300 square meters and the designed building area is 8,500 square meters. The factory buildings, office buildings, living areas, etc. are under construction.

Under the correct guidance of the company, Chang Cairen is full of energy and enthusiasm, and devoted himself to production. Changcai people adhere to the development strategy of “high starting point, high technology and high quality” and “unity, hard work and enterprising”. corporate philosophy. The company has entered a fast-tracking track. Our company is now introducing four-color, five-color and six-color offset printing units from Germany and Japan, such as carton, carton, corrugated board, enamel board and laminating film. The pre-press printing equipment is complete, from pre-press design to production to printing. After finishing the binding process, no need for foreign aid, can be completed independently, and the company can customize a variety of hardcover box printing , file box printing , handbag printing, food packaging and so on.

Chang Cairen did not stop moving forward, but to win the favor of the broad masses of customers with more professional standards and more enthusiastic and thoughtful service.

While paying close attention to designing and developing new products and opening up markets, we pay more attention to quality management and operation management within the company. We always promote and improve the company's quality management system based on the ISO-9001 quality system, so that all employees fully realize the quality. It is the vitality of our company. Only by improving the quality of products can enterprises be competitive, and enterprises can flourish.

After more than 30 years of development, Changcai Company will always adhere to the "integrity-based" philosophy and follow the corporate tenet of "providing perfect products is the eternal pursuit of Changcai people", focusing on "not just the long-color people today, More important is the future of Chang Cairen." Continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and embark on a road of rapid development that constantly innovates and continuously wins competitive advantages, creating a bright future for Changcai people.