File box flexo

File box flexo
File box flexo

The main advantages of file box printing are:
1. The equipment structure is simple and it is easy to form a production line. The flexo printing machine is simple in structure in offset printing, concave printing and flexographic printing. Therefore, the price of file box printing is relatively low, and investment in equipment for printing enterprises is small. At the same time, due to the simple equipment, easy to use and easy to maintain. At present, most of the flexo printing machines are connected with processing technologies such as soup gold, glazing, cutting, slitting, die cutting, indentation, punching, window opening, etc. to form a production line. Greatly improve labor productivity.
2, the scope of application and a wide range of substrates. Flexo printing can print almost all prints and use all substrates. Especially in corrugated printing in packaging and printing, there is a unique place.
3. Widely used water-based inks. Among the three major printing methods of offset printing, gravure printing and flexo printing, only water-based inks are widely used in flexo printing. Non-toxic and non-polluting, it is beneficial to protect the environment, especially suitable for packaging and printing.
4. The cost is lower. The low cost of flexo printing has formed a broad consensus abroad.
The file box is gravure and gravure, and the ink color is full and three-dimensional. In various printing methods, the printing quality is *. And the printing quality is stable. The plate has a long life. Suitable for large quantities of printing. Gravure can print extremely thin materials such as plastic films. However, the gravure plate is complicated and expensive, and its benzene ink pollutes the environment. These two issues have affected the development of gravure. In particular, the reduction of a large number of large-volume prints, the short version also requires a large increase in the number of low-cost prints, so that gravure continues to lose market.