Calendar printing value

Calendar printing value
Calendar printing value

The calendar is one of the most popular domestic products in the last 20 years of the last century, and it is also a good gift for the New Year gift. Although the consumer market for calendars is shrinking, the time to exit the practical field with the development of the times will not be too long. However, the calendar will never be abandoned. In recent years, the calendar has become a new category in the collection industry, and the collection group is also developing. Some old calendars that have been discarded in the past have now become the “sweet” of the market, and they have doubled in the Tibetan market. The calendar is gradually evolved from the calendar, calendar, and new year paintings. It is a combination of almanac and new year paintings. From this point of view, the calendar itself contains the figure of the New Year's paintings, and its collection prospects are more than the previous year's paintings. This feature also casts the characteristics of the calendar as a collection. Its cultural and artistic connotation and national characteristics make it a collection market. New favorite.

Everyone has seen the calendars that have been hanged by everyone. Although they are close to everyone, most people regard it as normal. It is not clear what kind of calendars have collection value. In fact, in the face of the shape of the calendar, the collection still needs to pay attention to some techniques, early calendars, special theme calendars and paper, fine-looking calendars are more collectible.

One: The sooner the time, the better.

The calendar collection tells the year, maybe the print volume of the calendar is very large at the time, but it is limited, and its deposit is even rarer over time, so the calendar with the earlier publication time is better.

诀窍二: Select popular topics

Famous people, literary masterpieces, and famous paintings and calligraphy calendars are all market-loving varieties. They have great potential for appreciation and are easy to cash in during trading.