Calendar printing matters

Calendar printing matters
Calendar printing matters

Calendars and desk calendars are more common life items in our lives. The function is relatively simple. But the effect is great. As the requirements for packaging products in the market become stricter, the printing of calendar calendars has also received certain tests. Want to be able to retain the original market in the current era of electronic products, without being swallowed up, calendar and desk calendar printing not only to package quality, but also to innovate in the printing concept and printing process.

First, the font problem

1 Some font library description methods are different, the overlap of the strokes will be out of the stack, be careful!

2 Paragraph text containing special characters in Chinese and English is prone to problems, such as "■, @, ★, ○".

3 Use the new standard GBK font to solve the problem of the loss of uncommon words.

4 too fine font, do not use more than 3 colors of the alias is better, such as (C10M30Y80), etc., the same reason, does not apply to the dark bottom anti-white word. If you can't avoid it, you need to slap the reverse white, apply the base color or a print monochrome (usually black K).

Second, the problem of gradual change

1 common problem is this: such as red → black gradient, setting error: (M100 → K100) will be difficult to see in the middle! The correct setting should be like this: (M100→M100K100) Under the careful analysis, you will understand, and other cases analogy.

2 Transparent gradient is a method suitable for network graphics. Grayscale images are also available, but the final output cannot be used. Because the spatial blending mode is RGB, the screen blending color is too different from the printed CMYK. Be careful.

3 The gradient of the black part should not be too low, such as 5% black. Because there is a black overprint option when outputting, less than 10% of the black is usually used instead of overprinting, which causes problems. Similarly, use pure light black to be careful. .