What factors need to be considered in the design of a color carton factory?

1, seeking truth. We know that the primary consumer spending characteristic of most customers in the consumption process is the pragmatic psychology, thinking that the practical effect of the product is more important. It is hoped that the product is easy to use, cheap and good, and does not deliberately pursue the aesthetics of the shape and the novelty of the style.

2, seeking beauty psychology. The consumer group holding the aesthetic psychology is mainly young people, common sense classes and economically incapable customers, and the proportion of women in such groups is as high as 75.3%.

3, seeking different psychology. The consumer group holding the dissatisfaction is primarily young people under the age of 35. This type of consumer collective believes that the style of products and packaging is extremely important, novel, unique, and characteristic, that is, the packaging, color, graphics, etc. are required to be more fashionable and more avant-garde, and the use value and price of the product are not very high. care.

4, herd mentality. The customers of the herd mentality are willing to cater to the prevailing habits or emulate the celebrity style. The age class of such consumer groups is relatively large, because the various media's vigorous promotion of fashion and celebrities promotes the composition of this kind of psychological behavior.

5. Brand benefits. No matter which kind of consumer group has a certain reputation, it attaches importance to the brand of the product and has a sense of trust and loyalty to the famous brand. Therefore, the establishment of a good brand image in packaging design is the key to the success of product sales.

The product packaging produced by the color carton factory is mainly divided into two categories: shipping packaging and selling packaging. The package for sale is a package that is in direct contact with the consumer and used. In addition to the use of performance, it should also have a strong artistic, its shape and structural design must meet the requirements of "scientific, beautiful, marketable". In the design, we must consider the scientific and reasonable problems in the structure, but also consider the beauty of the shape and decoration. Excellent packaging shape and structural design can not only contain and protect products, beautify products, promote the sale of products, but also should be easy to carry, use, display and easy to transport.

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