Which should be marked on the food box

Because the information on the food box is not clear, it will cause an allergic reaction after eating. There are some "allergens" in the food that customers don't know, causing customers to confuse without knowing. For a small number of customers, allergies may be fatal, so according to the pre-packaged food label implemented in 2012. The Public Order requires that “food allergens” be marked on food packaging.

A portion of the food in the supermarket has been labeled "allergens" on the food box, but the standards and terms are very different. Many imported foods on the ingredient label will indicate that they contain ingredients that cause allergies. For example, a kind of breakfast cereal produced in the UK, it states "not suitable for peanut-sensitive patients, containing traces of other nuts and milk"; domestic brands also have specific allergens on their packaging, such as white rabbit milk On the packaging of the sugar, it is written to contain the allergen "dairy". Some sandwich biscuits not only list several allergens contained in the biscuits, but also indicate that the products containing wheat, eggs, peanuts and the like are processed together on the production line.

However, the tips of many allergens are very vague and the labels are not standard, which makes customers look confused. For example, a certain coffee powder is only used in the same font to indicate that it contains milk and soybeans, but it is not clear that this is an allergic substance. The customer can't see it without paying attention to it, and it is difficult to play a warning role. What is even more worrying is that many children's food tips on allergens are not in place.

Beginning to enforce the system for identifying allergens, the Prepackaged Food Labels List lists eight types of products that may cause allergies, such as gluten-containing grains and their products such as wheat, rye, barley, etc. Crustaceans and their products such as shrimp, lobster, crab, as well as fish and their products, eggs and their products, peanuts and their products, soybeans and their products, milk and dairy products including lactose, nuts and their fruits Kernel products. In causing allergens, it is explicitly stated that if the food or product mentioned above may be brought into the process, an easily recognizable name should be used in the ingredient list, or an important reminder should be given in the vicinity.

Many commodities contain allergens that are not suitable for the customer's body. Food allergies can cause a variety of symptoms of physical discomfort. Light medication can be used, and even serious people will be in danger. It is very beneficial for customers to select suitable healthy foods on the food packaging box. It will be implemented soon. Please pay attention to the customers.