Take you through the process and features of hardcover printing

1. When the plastic gravure composite carton printing process of the hardcover box printing adopts the single-face corrugated production line, if the glossy printing film needs to be covered after the printing of the facial paper is completed, and the production batch is large, the printing can be performed on the facial paper instead of the gravure printing. The method is to complete the gravure printing on the plastic film, and add the white background, then combine the printed plastic film with the facial paper, and then finish the hard box printing according to the conventional carton forming process.

The characteristics of this process are:

(1) The cost of making cartons is low. When the production volume is large, such a process can greatly reduce the printing cost of the face paper and the material cost of the face paper. Since the face paper does not need to be printed, non-coated whiteboard paper can be used, so that the cost of the face paper is greatly reduced.

(2) Beautifully printed. Because the plastic gravure is used, the printing effect is comparable to the offset printing effect. Special attention should be paid to the use of this process. In the process of plate making, the dimensional change and deformation of the plastic film should be fully considered; otherwise, the carton paper will be misaligned with the lower paperboard.

2. Coated paper gravure composite carton process This process can be used when the production batch is relatively large, no film is required, and the printing effect is good and the cost is low. The process is to first print a thin coated paper with a paper gravure printing machine, and then combine the printed coated paper with general slag paper or cardboard paper, and use the whole as a carton paper, then carry out the confrontation and normal carton molding. machining.

The characteristics of this process are:

(1) The manufacturing cost of hardcover printing is low. The main reason for the decline in cost is to replace the whiteboard paper with low-weight coated paper and cheap cardboard paper, which reduces the cost of information.

(2) Intensive printing. The printing of paper gravure is very delicate.

(3) Gravure plate making is more complicated, and the cost is high, it is not suitable for printing hard-packed products that are often revised.

(4) The printing plant's operation and control methods for the process of paper composite, box making, etc. should be carefully explored, continuously piled up, and properly implemented, otherwise it will easily lead to an increase in scrap rate.

3, direct offset corrugated box process Corrugated box direct offset printing process is now relatively mature abroad, it is to corrugated board directly on a special offset press for printing. Suitable for processing thin corrugated boxes.

The process not only ensures the good formability of the carton, but also completes the delicate face paper printing. However, the selected printing machine is relatively expensive, and it is not suitable for the demand standard in China. It is not suitable for the carton industry in the near future. However, in the next few years, the process may become a new development direction of China's hardcover box printing.