New requirements for home appliance packaging and printing materials

With the progress of people's living standards, the shortage of natural resources and the pressure of environmental degradation are also growing. Customers have demand for products, society has demand for enterprises, and enterprises also have demand for supporting resources. Especially for the packaging industry, low carbon and green have become the environmental protection demands of the whole people. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Circular Economy Development" clarifies the importance of vigorously developing new technologies such as source, reduction, resource utilization, re-production, and zero emissions, promoting industrialization and improving resource output rates. To this end, the author combined with the home appliance industry to talk about the demand for corrugated boxes in the packaging and printing of home appliances in the new era.

First, corrugated box reduction requirements

1. US three-layer corrugated boxes accounted for 89.4% of the total, five-layer corrugated boxes accounted for 9.5% of the total, and seven-layer corrugated boxes accounted for 1.1% of the total; while Japanese three-layer corrugated boxes accounted for 84% of the total, five Layer corrugated boxes account for 16% of the total; in China, on the contrary, five-layer corrugated boxes account for about 70% of the total, and three-layer corrugated boxes and seven-layer corrugated boxes account for a very small proportion. The more layers of corrugated boxes, the heavier the weight, the larger the packaging volume and the larger the amount of raw materials used. The higher the cost, the greater the cost of acquisition. In fact, after reasonable ingredients, the compressive strength and burst strength of some three-layer corrugated boxes can be compared with the five-layer corrugated box. However, due to the influence of the traditional concept of "the more the number of layers is maintained," China still The five-layer corrugated box is the main one, we must gradually change this situation. In the increasingly fierce field of home appliances, some home appliance packaging and printing companies have begun to use three-layer corrugated cardboard instead of five-layer corrugated cardboard on the basis of satisfactory product maintenance.

many places, the packaging design of home appliances is designed to cut, save the function of fixing and protecting the cushioning parts, and simplify the part of the side impact of the protective products. This can reduce the amount of corrugated paper by nearly 60%, not only reducing the corrugated The information cost of cardboard, and also promotes the work and management level of the relevant parties and related personnel in all aspects of product circulation, especially the reduction of barbaric loading and unloading. Domestic air-conditioning companies Gree, Hisense and so on.

Second, corrugated paper moisture-proof, waterproof demand

Because of the different contents of the carton and the transportation environment, corrugated boxes are inevitably in a high-humidity environment for a long time, so that the various physical objects of the carton are attenuated faster. Sometimes in the wet season, the carton is qualified before leaving the factory, but by shipping (especially during the rainy season), it will present unqualified products when it arrives at the customer. The shape and stiffness change due to moisture, and the compressive strength and bursting strength of the box are reduced, which seriously affects the quality of the packaging and the brand image. Therefore, home appliance companies are expecting corrugated boxes to have moisture-proof functions when packaging and printing home appliances, so that the carton can maintain certain physical properties in a high-humidity environment.

In recent years, the domestic light industry has developed rapidly. As an important material for home appliance packaging and printing, the production and consumption of corrugated cardboard (carton) has also increased rapidly. Corrugated box processing enterprises and employees have also been added sharply. The competition has led to the miniaturization of products. . In the era of profound global economic upheaval, the price weapon that has never been in the past is now difficult to change from the market. Only by continuously innovating and adhering to certain competitive advantages can we become the key to the sustainable development of corrugated carton in the era of low profit.