Printing materials for the export of Anhui Changjiang carton

The carton exits are printed using corrugated corrugations of different corrugations, and the function of the bonded corrugated board is also different. Even with the same quality of face paper and backing paper, the function of the corrugated cardboard formed is inevitably different because of the difference in the shape of the enamel. There are four types of corrugated shapes commonly used in the world, which are A-type C, C-type 楞, B-type E and E-type 楞. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in Table 1. Corrugated cardboard made of type A enamel has good cushioning properties and imparts certain elasticity, and type C 楞 is second to A. However, the stiffness and impact resistance are better than that of the A-type crucible; the B-type crucible is densely placed, and the corrugated cardboard made is flat and has a high bearing pressure and is suitable for printing; the E-shaped crucible is thin and dense, and its appearance is more The strong annual demand for profit has led to an increase in the operating rate. The ring ratio reduces the labor intensity and improves the working conditions. In addition, the other products are beautiful and generous after being packaged in a wooden box without dead corners .

The production size of the carton outlet is the blanking scale at the time of box making. The dimensions are measured on the basis of the crimp on the opened box blank. The indentation roller on the slitting machine presses a groove in the direction of the crimping line, and the pressing line is the center line of the groove. The spacing between the two lines is the size. Converting the production size to the inner and outer diameter scales can be accelerated through Table 2, but they also have their own measurement methods introduced into the professional office.

At the same time, corrugated boxes have a single fight and a double fight in the manufacturing process. Single-spinning one-page forming box is generally used for cartons with smaller circumferences; double-pieces are also called two-page boxes. Some cartons are too large in circumference. They have to use two pieces of box blanks to piece together a carton, but sometimes the carton factory uses the production. The remaining material cut in the process will also be used to piece together a carton that is not too large in size, and sometimes even use four pieces. The two-page box has one more joint than the one-page box, so there are some subtle differences in the area calculation between the two. It is a good thing to have a kitchen with a larger size.

Shaped corrugated boxes are the most varied types of packaging in corrugated carton packaging; the goods are placed directly on the shelves, and have a good product display function, and how to quickly and concisely open the carton packaging, so that the goods can be quickly accessed. And do not need anything like a cut or a child, etc., then shouted a "sesame open the door" carton will open. This sounds very fresh, but this kind of carton is now widely used in foreign countries, and there is also a great demand in China.