The reasons for the low quality of book printing and how to improve

Book printing, printing with books, periodicals, etc. as the main products. China is the country of origin of printing. Prepress includes design (pattern and content), proofreading, and printing. Post-printing includes folding, binding, and so on.

There are many factors that cause the quality of books and periodicals to be of low quality, and some of them are outdated. The reason for the poor quality of raw materials and the low level of workers' skills. The important reason is that the book processing department and the quality of the book publishing department are thin. The printing company has a low level of handling, and does not put the social benefits of the quality of books and prints in the first place. Specifically, the administrative department of publishing books does not place the quality of books and publications on the same level as the content of books and the quality of editing, and the standardization of printing is lagging behind. The current printing regulations are lagging behind international norms and advanced foreign standards. There are no quality specifications for some new skills and new processes.

As far as the publishing house is concerned, some publishing houses have obtained more profits for the department, regardless of the quality of the printed materials of the books, and which printing factory has a low printing price to go to that house. There are also some revisions of the publishing house, especially the art revisions that have been adapted to the needs of the diversified shopping malls. They are unique and seek new ideas. Because the equipment and process skills cannot be processed, the results are counterproductive. There are also papers supplied by the publishing house that are of poor quality and so on.

As far as the printing factory is concerned, it is the primary responsibility of the quality of books and periodicals. The reason is that the equipment is outdated on the one hand. There are still equipment that is not behind, and can't do good work because the skills of the operators are not high. There is also the use of inferior data and so on. In addition, there is a problem that is not neglected and has universality. After the cancellation of the two-level fixed-point book printing enterprise system, there is no restriction on the quality of books and periodicals printing, and the printing factory has relaxed the formation of the printing quality of books and periodicals. .

For the publishing house, we must really put the social benefits of the book in the first place. We must not only look at the quotation of the printing factory when bidding for the factory, but ignore the advanced level of the equipment, the technical level of the workers, and the enterprise. Integrity and other conditions are free to choose. Require editors, especially art revisions, to learn some common knowledge in printing processes, printing quality standards, etc., to continuously improve the business level, to supply qualified papers and other printed materials to the printing enterprises, and to establish quality supervision of books and periodicals, so as to The quality of books and periodicals is supervised.

For book printing enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen the handling of printing quality. The details can be started from the following aspects: Enterprises with conditions should quickly pass the certification of ISO9001 quality management system. Enterprises without conditions must create conditions to deal with them quickly. Learning and implementing advanced “5S” on-site handling will drive the progress of product quality. Establish an enterprise information system to ensure that the entire printing process is controlled. Adhere to technological progress, strengthen employee training, and comprehensively improve the quality of employees.