What should be avoided in the process of exquisite desk calendar printing?

There are many kinds of themes on the market for exquisite desk calendar printing, including the first-class, the Chinese, the business, the financial, the blessing, the genus, the characters, the aliens, etc. The different themes contain different charms. You can find the desk calendar that suits you according to your needs. Personality desk calendar is a desk calendar made with your own photos or your favorite pictures. The exquisite desk calendar printing desk is mainly composed of: desk calendar, desk calendar paper and desk calendar circle. Personalized desk calendar kits appeared on the market, including desk calendars, 13 desk calendars and desk calendar circles, while desk calendars and desk calendars all have good holes. It is possible to print the handcuffs, and the convenience and practical features of the desk calendar are also simple. PS is also the image processing, you can download a desk calendar template online. For the high-end demand of the characteristic desk calendar, there are many e-commerce platforms that are popular in the market, and it is still possible to customize less, but it can complete the special process that the craftsmanship can not be completed.

1. Convert color platform

If the customer gives us RGB files, what methods do we convert into? If the conversion specifications used by each printing company are different, the converted colors will be different. Secondly, even if it is the same document, after different printing methods such as digital printing, offset printing, and gravure printing, the colors printed on the fine desk calendar and calendar will be different.

2, file conversion

The difference in the total number of outlets may affect the color effect of the refined desk calendar printing and calendar printing. In addition, the different screening technologies make the network expansion rate of different network types different. For example, if Kodak's CTP equipment is broken today, you can use Heidelberg's CTP to publish books. The final calendar calendar printing color may have a certain amount of difference. This cannot be prevented.

3, the book process

Because the plate manufacturer's technology, screen type and dot extension are different, the exposure of the plate outlets and the plate equipment will affect the quality of the plate. If there is no consistent specification for the book publishing process, it is difficult to make the same printing for each batch of calendars and calendars.

4, the difference of equipment

In the desk calendar and calendar printing process, we also neglected a factor: the dot spread rate of the device. The dot spread rate of each printing plant's printing equipment is different. That is to say, even if you give the same set, the same substrate and consumables will be able to get similar prints on different presses. Therefore, the relevant operators understand that the concept of dot extension rate is very important. CTP can not only collect various data, but also perform site compensation.

5, paper quality

As long as the batch of paper is inspected at the time of the acquisition, the inspection data will be handed over to the paper merchants, so that the power of the paper can be improved as much as possible. Make sure the paper is qualified.

6, ink quality

The difference in the quality of the ink on the calendar printing and calendar printing is very large. The fluidity of each ink is different, and the hue of the ink is also different. In the case of each batch of acquisitions, the printing company must also have corresponding measurement and calculation to ensure the stability of different batch quality.