Calendar printing range

Calendar printing range
Calendar printing range

China has a calendar of about 4,000 years ago. According to the one-page oracle bone calendar in Oracle, it is proved that the calendar of the Yin Dynasty has a considerable level. This page of the oracle bone calendar is the ancient almanac of all human beings. This page is also called the calendar. Tang poetry: "There is no calendar in the mountains, and the cold is not known for the year." "The calendar day" may be the earlier desk calendar. In the Tang Dynasty, the historian cut the paper on a daily basis and bound it into a book, one per month. Each page has a month and a date, leaving a blank for the eunuch to record the words and deeds of the emperor. This is the “calendar day”. The "calendar" was handed over to the emperor for review at the end of the month, and then archived by the historian for use in the compilation of "National History." Because it has the function of timekeeping, the civil and military officials compete to follow suit.

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