Desk calendar printing matters

Desk calendar printing matters
Desk calendar printing matters

1, the platform to convert colors
If the customer gives us RGB files, what means do we convert them to CMYK? If the conversion standard used by each printing company is different, the color of the converted CMYK file will be different. Secondly, even if it is the same document, the color printed on the desk calendar and calendar will be different through different printing methods such as digital printing, offset printing and gravure printing. ?
2, file conversion
The difference in the total number of outlets may affect the color effect of desk calendar printing and calendar printing. In addition, the difference in screening technology makes the network expansion rate of different network types different. For example, if Kodak's CTP equipment is broken today, you will use Heidelberg's CTP to publish, so the color of the refined desk calendar printing may be different. This is unavoidable.
3. Publishing process
Because the plate manufacturer's technology, screen type and dot gain definition are different, the exposure of the plate outlets and the plate equipment will affect the quality of the plate. If the publishing process does not have a uniform standard, it is difficult to make every batch of calendar printing and calendar printing the same.
4, the difference of equipment
In the desk calendar and calendar printing process, we also overlooked a factor: the dot gain rate of the device. The dot enlargement rate of printing equipment in each printing house is different. That is to say, even if you give the same set, the same substrates and consumables may not be able to get similar prints on different presses. Therefore, the relevant operators understand the concept of dot gain rate is very important. CTP can not only collect various data, but also perform site compensation.
5, paper quality
Only when testing each batch of paper at the time of purchase, and submitting the inspection data to the paper manufacturer, can we have the power to supervise the quality of the paper. Ensure the paper is qualified.
6, ink quality
The difference in ink quality is very large for the quality of desk printing and calendar printing. The fluidity of each ink is different, and the hue of the ink is also different. Printing companies should also have corresponding measurements and statistics in each batch of purchases to ensure the stability of different batch quality.