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What are the advantages and disadvantages of food packaging promotion?

Compared with other media formats, food packaging promotion has the following advantages :

1. Environmental protection: Advertising on the packaging of products will not increase the energy consumption of the packaging itself, increase garbage emissions, control environmental pollution, or even improve the environment: ever, the emergence of any new media will increase energy. Consumption, garbage discharge, and polluting the environment, only the emergence of the company, will not bring any pollution to the environment.
2. Accuracy: There is no more accurate way of advertising than this form of advertising. For example, how to find the target consumer of the hypertension treatment instrument? Doing TV commercials all day? No, the cost is too high. Do newspaper ads? No, because no studies have shown that people with high blood pressure are more likely to read newspapers than others. Broadcasting, networking, outdoor, everything is not good. In the end, the better way to spread advertising is to use the packaging of high-pressure drugs as a medium to accurately find the target consumers through the spontaneous circulation of high-pressure drugs. Only a total of the media can do it.
3, high reading rate: very effective reading rate. In any traditional media, the effective reading rate is very low. A newspaper may carry tens of thousands of advertisements, and the probability of readers reading a certain advertisement information is only one in ten thousand. Symbiosis media is totally different. Imagine if you printed a beautiful advertisement on your toothpaste tube and on your pen, we can be sure that you will finish it, more than once, but also Review often, until you never forget.

3, sticky: as long as the product packaging still exists, the media product has always been the endorsement of another product. For example, print the advertisements of the courier company and the car rental company on the shampoo bottle. After reading it, even if you forget this information for a while, you must know where to retrieve it when you need this information. Come.

4, breadth: where the goods carrier can reach, the advertisement can be reached without any space restrictions. For example, all the cola bottles on the factory will be advertised, and the advertising information will be spread throughout the country with cola, and it can reach various provinces, cities, towns and towns, and even villages sold by cola.

5, timeliness: As we all know, each product has an expiration date, that is to say, if the product is accompanied by advertising, in general, the advertising information will be quickly arrived at the customer's useful period, especially the advertising information attached to the fast moving consumer goods. . For example, the new movie bank will release the grand advertisement information on a kind of casual food with very high sales volume, such as a brand of melon seeds. Within a week, this information will spread throughout the country.

6. Cost: You don't need to set up a new team, you don't need to set up a new publishing channel, you don't need to pay huge advertising fees, you only need low publishing costs, and you can do everything for you.

Since the advantages of food packaging promotion are so prominent, since the ad appeared, no one has done it for more than 160 years. Is it true that the practitioners in the advertising industry are fools? Of course not, because the promotion of food packaging itself also has a very prominent disadvantage.

In large enterprise applications, it is easy to interfere with the expression of products and even corporate values. As we all know, with the increasing scale of enterprises, the desire of goods or enterprises to express their own values ​​will become more and more fierce. Because of the expression of values, it is essentially differential marketing, allowing vast customers to take this product and all other products. Differences open up to promote sales and surpluses. Many of the world's largest companies, the annual advertising fee is calculated in billions, they have spent a lot of effort to portray fantasy, if they advertise on other products for other products, the income of millions of tens of millions, Large companies will be very careful .

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