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Do you know the precautions for handbag printing?

Tote bags are products that are used in the business process. Although it is very simple to print on a handbag , there are many details that need our attention. Let's take a look.

The first is the attention paid to the use of ink. In the process of using ink, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the same kind of ink. If the inks of different natures are mixed and used, the two cannot be compatible, which will definitely affect the quality of the handbag printing. Lost.

The second is to ensure the stability of the ink, the ink is a less stable element, many factors will affect the nature of the ink, so must pay attention to, mainly to prevent direct sunlight, the indoor temperature must also be maintained, if It is better to stay at 10-26 degrees Celsius.

Again, the problem of ink agitation, because the ink needs frequent agitation, otherwise the adhesion phenomenon is easy to occur, which seriously affects the overall effect of the handbag printing. But too much, we still need to be careful not to dilute too much, because this will lead to the appearance of chromatic aberration, so we should pay attention to the addition of thickener for adjustment.

There is also the role of water, the role of water in printing is very important, because water can effectively control the viscosity of the ink, and can also balance the pH. For example, if we find that the ph value is in the range of 8.5-9.5 during the printing process, we need to add water for adjustment.

In addition to the places that need attention, handbags have commonalities:

The first is the design aspect. It’s normal to have a delicate tote bag that appeals to people. If the time of printing the company’s tote bag is very delicate in planning, then others will love it when they get the bag, so the customer’s re-use rate will also be Higher, so our publicity role will be better.

Secondly, in terms of printing methods, in the printing of handbags, the printing of paper tote bags generally uses offset printing. If it is a plastic tote bag, it is generally screen printed, and the same printing process is also required.

Again, the processing technology. In the process of printing handbags in the company, the processing of plastic tote bags is relatively simple. The more complicated ones are paper tote bags. Because of the demand for such handbags, the process of forming, punching and wearing tapes can be formed. .

There is also the material of the handbag printing. If we want to print a tote bag, we must pay attention to the use of some good raw materials, because as long as the good raw materials can show a higher level, it will be better on the load-bearing and printing effects, if there is no use, there will be problems. It is a negative impact on the company.