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What should I pay attention to when exporting cardboard boxes?

With the rapid development of China's economy, China has joined the WTO International Trade Organization. All kinds of products produced in China have been exported to foreign countries. The products exported to foreign countries, including the cardboard boxes used for packaging, have strict requirements. Firstly, the cardboard boxes used for packaging must be To be environmentally friendly, and to withstand certain pressure and moisture, the export carton is usually made of corrugated paper with 60% wood pulp, and in some places, the carton is not allowed to use copper nail wire, so the carton outlet is mostly a sticky interface instead of copper nail wire. . Among the exported goods, exporting cartons is also very important. Most small items and small products are not suitable for the export of naked goods.

Conventionally, if it is a small product in general, it is recommended that the export cartons should not be oversized and overburdened. It is better to transfer to a suitable person (for example, control within 20 kg of gross weight, the scale does not exceed 40*30*30).

However, if the product itself is relatively large, then some export cartons are also necessary (such as bicycles and furniture products). This type of truck is generally used for loading and unloading. Then the export carton is arranged according to the actual size of the product. However, in order to achieve a better packaging effect, it is better to use the tray as the packaging unit, so that loading and unloading with a forklift truck is not easy to damage the outer packaging box.

Be sure to ensure the appearance quality of the exported carton, as detailed below:

(1) Printing quality: the drawing and handwriting are clearly printed, the chromaticity is common, and the brilliance is bright; the large position of the printing position error is no more than 7mm, and the small box is not more than 4mm;

(2) Closing quality: there is no gap around the box, and there is no staggering and separation after the lids are closed;

(3) Scale public service: the inner diameter of the box and the planned scale should be kept in the large box ± 5mm, the small box ± 3mm, the shape scale is fundamentally common;

(4) The number of folds of the cover: the corrugated box cover is reciprocated and folded more than 5 times by 180 degrees, and the total length of the cracks in the surface layer of the first and second types of boxes and the inner layer of the third and third types of boxes is not more than 70 mm;

In addition, the joint standard is required, the margin is regular, the angle is not overlapped, and the box surface is not allowed to have significant damage or smudge.

In addition, the packaging requirements for export cartons are also viewed in two ways:

First, foreign customers require, in some transaction requirements, the packaging box has clear regulations, and even will send a carton sample to the consignor, required to manufacture according to this specification.

On the other hand is the domestic requirement. If the export commodities demand exporters check, the demand supply , we are here commonly known as the carton verification form, this is the carton factory supply, the necessary documents at the time of the commodity inspection.