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Do you know the design of the file box printing?

1. Acid-free paper file box cover design

The design department provides the cover design of the acid-free paper file box for free. We can design the cover of the technology, paperwork and accounting file box according to the user's needs. It is convenient for the user's daily file management, and adds the name of the unit and The logo can better reflect the strength and culture of the unit.

2, cardboard file box style design

Cardboard boxes, due to the variety of materials available for their production, mainly used in cardboard, kraft paper, cloth strips, lacquer paper, varnish, plastic paper, etc., cover can be bronzing, laser embroidery, color printing, cardboard boxes The overall effect design, there are more options, the strip color has dozens of colors, plastic paper can also be designed according to the user's specific requirements, customized, printing.

3, PVC folder file box design

PVC material, according to the user's request to choose the color of PVC material (red, blue, white, beige and other colors to choose from), and then according to the overall color tone, planning the folder file box cover, screen printing, bronzing Laser embroidery is selected in a variety of ways, and the spacer can be added to the sponge pad. PVC folder file box, suitable for electric power, campus, industry and commerce, petroleum and other units. We plan to improve the power file box, use PVC material, screen brush plate, magnet snap button, outer layer to cover the film, and manufacture electricity. The box was well received by many units.

The file box is a tool for organizing and binding the stored documents by various agencies and units. Usually made from cardboard and kraft paper, it is now basically made of acid-free paper.

Kraft paper file box classification: Kraft paper file box is a commonly used file box type in file binding management.

The kraft paper archive box is divided into: acid-free paper archive box and imported paper archive box. The acid-free paper archive box is a file box type promoted by China Archives Bureau. Because it does not contain acid, it has anti-insect and anti-mildew properties for files. The long-term preservation of the archives is relatively good. The commonly used acid-free paper archive boxes are made more than 680 grams; the imported kraft paper archive boxes are made of American (Russian) imported kraft paper, using stone cards, Huasong, EP, etc. The brand's kraft paper production, due to the pure wood pulp used in imported paper, the paper of the imported paper file box is firmer and has good toughness, and it is also good for file preservation. The general size of the file box is 31*22cm (cover). However, due to the different backs of the file box, the back of the general file box ranges from 2cm to 6cm. (Special specifications can also be customized.) The unit name and LOGO require special design and Production.