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New requirements for materials for home appliance packaging and printing

The booming domestic appliance industry has driven the strong demand for corrugated boxes. The shortage of natural resources and the rise of awareness of environmental protection have placed new demands on corrugated boxes. This paper proposes the development direction of corrugated boxes through the judgment of the big environment. The booming development of household appliances has injected vitality into China's packaging industry and has spurred new growth. In 2014, the total output value of China's packaging industry reached 1.48 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world. Corrugated boxes are used for their outstanding functions, such as simple, easy to transfer, good pressure resistance, easy to process, easy to recycle, environmentally friendly, excellent decorative printing function and excellent buffering function. The rapid development, occupying the leading position of the packaging mall.

1. For home appliance packaging and printing , low-weight, high-strength lightweight raw paper provides a new treatment idea for “moderate packaging”. For “lightweight base paper”, there are several concepts in the industry. One concept is that it is a trend change in the global carton industry, that is, the quantification of time-division paper using base paper is getting lower and lower; another concept is considered to be lightweight. There is a clear hard target: the weight should be at least 150 grams; there is a more common view that the base paper should be between 100-180g/m2, and there are clear requirements for the ring pressure strength and crack length of the base paper. Practical experience shows that after applying low-gram weight and high-strength base paper, it can not only ensure the compressive strength of the carton, but also reduce the amount of base paper, increase the unit paper out rate, and reduce the cost of the carton, so it is especially affected by the terminal enterprise users. favorite. Although the industry has not agreed on the specification of “lightweight base paper”, according to the triple consideration of quality, cost and environmental protection, many home appliance companies in China have already attached great importance to low-weight and high-strength base paper.

2. For some manufacturers who are in the process of using three-layer corrugated cardboard or five-layer corrugated cardboard, we can try to use double-arch corrugated cardboard (as shown below). Double-arch corrugated cardboard is a kind of paperboard made of two layers of corrugated medium between the inner paper and the facial tissue. The corrugated core is bonded with a special adhesive to make the adhesive penetrate into the cardboard. Between the fibers, the flexibility of the paperboard is changed, and then a special corrugated structure is formed by corrugating roll forming. By reducing the interlayer paper between the corrugations, the double-layer corrugated four-layer corrugated board can be a good substitute for the five-layer corrugated board. The research shows that the edge compressive strength of the four-layer corrugated board is 134.98% of the three-layer corrugated board, which is 95.75% of the five-layer corrugated board; the flat-pressing strength of the four-layer corrugated board is 122.84% of the three-layer corrugated board, which is the five-layer corrugated board. 166.51% of the cardboard; the puncture strength of the four-layer corrugated board is 112.7% of the three-layer corrugated board, which is 84.0% of the five-layer corrugated board; the thickness of the four-layer corrugated board is less than the five-layer corrugated board, the edge compressive strength and the puncture strength and five The corrugated cardboard is similar, and the flat compressive strength is stronger than the five-layer corrugated cardboard. It can be seen that the four-layer corrugated board has better printing performance than the five-layer corrugated board, so it can be used as a substitute for five-layer corrugated board in some transportation packages.