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Take you to know the specific food box

Food crates are an integral part of food products. One of the primary projects in the food industry process. Food packaging box can mainly protect food, so that the food can avoid the harm of biological, chemical and physical external factors during the process of leaving the factory to the customer. It can also have the function of insisting on the stable quality of the food itself. The consumption of food is the first to express the appearance of food, to attract the image of consumption, and to have value other than material capital. Thus, the food packaging process is also an integral part of the food production system engineering. But the versatility of the food packaging process makes it a relatively independent self-system. The promotion of food packaging is a concept put forward by Gongsheng Media. The core content of food packaging promotion is to promote the market promotion of another product by using the packaging of one product (or commodity) as a carrier for promotion. For example, the mineral water bottle is used as a promotional carrier to create a new movie; the melon seed bag is used as a carrier to promote the recruitment website; or the laundry powder packaging bag is used as a carrier to promote the online shopping mall and the like.

The process of using plastic packaging food products mainly includes four industrial sectors: the first industry refers to the production of plastic resins and films. The second industry is the processing industry for flexible and rigid packaging materials, the third industry is the packaging mechanization production industry, and the fourth industry is the food processing industry. In the industry, petroleum, coal, natural gas and other raw materials are used to synthesize polymerized low molecular compounds, which are then polymerized into various resins. This is processed into a single or multi-layer composite film for use in food processing plants.

According to the inherent color of the product or the attributes of the product, the use of visual color is an important means of color design for color box packaging and printing. The commodity packaging box is an important part of the commodity. It is not only an indispensable outerwear for the commodity, but also plays a role in protecting the commodity, facilitating transportation, sales and consumer purchase, and is also a microcosm of the commodity manufacturing enterprise. As an important element in the packaging design of goods, color not only plays a role in beautifying the packaging of goods, but also plays a role that cannot be ignored in the process of merchandising. This point is being valued by more and more companies and product packaging design.

Successful food packaging design should be longer than using customer-specific appeals. The color reflects the information conveyed by the product, and then communicates with the customer's emotional needs, so that the customer has a hobby for the packaging of the product, thereby promoting their purchase behavior. In traditional philosophy, reason is the ability of human beings to develop according to their own feelings. Reason is largely influenced by changes in aesthetic concepts. The progress of people's aesthetic interest, the change of aesthetic understanding, and the strengthening of aesthetic minds have affected the form of social cognition. Instead of sticking to the product itself, we pay more attention to the inductive value brought by the product. The planning of packaging that is closely related to products is gradually being paid attention to. The extension of packaging planning is further packaged into a soft value, which is invisibly sold. This is far from satisfactory in planning according to the elements of traditional planning packaging. Really combine the function of packaging with the function of aesthetics, from the packaging of the general product and planning methods, visual aesthetic and functional combination.