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The physical investment of exquisite desk calendar printing needs to pay attention to these points.

‍ The desk calendar originally meant the calendar placed on the table. There are now desk calendars and electronic desk calendars. The main varieties are various business desk calendars, paper holder desk calendars, crystal desk calendars, calendar desk calendars, sticky notes desk calendars, gift desk calendars, and personalized desk calendars.

Many commercial investments in the field of fine calendar printing are just for an advertising war in the days of the Spring Festival. This is a common propaganda technique that is effective for some companies. It can accumulate people's hobbies and corporate reputation.

First, analyze your competitors. As the saying goes, knowing oneself and knowing each other is not a battle. See if your opponent has their own business desk calendar. You definitely want to develop a personalized desk calendar that is different from your opponent and is more impressive than it. Therefore, you should know the information of competitor products before doing desk calendar printing.

Second, do market research. This is a very important rule before many business investments. It is important because it allows you to learn how to attract more consumers in desk calendar design, desk calendar and calendar printing.
Third, get professional design and printing experts to assist. It is impossible for a person to complete the exquisite desk calendar printing independently. If you want to make this business professional, you can't do without the help of experts. Try to hire a professional photographer and involved designer, as well as a professional printing house, which may assist you.

Fourth, choose the appropriate desk scale. Many times we don't want to print a particularly large desk calendar to take home. Therefore, for the convenience of carrying, we should choose the appropriate desk scale. A standardized desk calendar scale will be more popular.

Fifth, use high quality printed materials. Quality is an important element in fine desk calendar printing, especially for business desk calendars. High quality raw materials can be used for one year. Solid, lubricated, and waterproof paper should be selected for paper selection.