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What is the process of printing the export carton?

Which process is used for the printing of export cartons? The carton printing process introduces many items that are now packaged at the time of sale, and most of them are used in carton packaging. This is not only because of its convenience, but also for the protection of items. The role, and the printing of the corporate logo on the export carton will also help the company to broaden the scope of publicity, so some companies have seized this point to carry out more general publicity through the way of carton printing company logo.

In order to make the export carton better, it is necessary to do the carton printing. The current export carton printing process is quite more. The company can choose according to its own needs, and must think carefully, because the material and color of the carton will be Affecting the publicity effect of the company, the company can set different carton printing plans according to the customer type, so that all kinds of customers can be satisfied with the carton design, so that they can better absorb customers and retain customers.

High-end and low-end export cartons also have different costs in printing, but companies can't blindly choose the process of carton printing based on the cost of carton printing. After all, each process has its own advantages, so companies should choose the right printing according to customer needs. The process, not limited to the traditional way, can select the special effect printing process according to the product characteristics of the enterprise, so that the carton and the product are integrated, giving the customer a more intuitive feeling.
Usually, the most common process for exporting carton printing is the offset printing process. This printing process is widely popularized for printing convenience, rich layout, mild color and low cost. Although the gravure printing process is more stable in the quality of carton printing, its price is relatively high due to its complicated process. Enterprises should decide whether to use this method according to their own needs. However, if you print a large package of products, it is better to choose a flexible carton printing process, because the volume printing will reduce the cost.
Of course, what kind of carton printing process a company chooses depends on the product and customer needs, but a professional printing manufacturer can give a more detailed plan, and the company can communicate with it, so choose the printing process and choose it. Carton printing manufacturers, in cooperation with professional manufacturers to ensure the quality of carton printing, will also make the carton printing effect really achieve the intended purpose.
The above is the introduction of the carton printing process in Xiaobian. I hope that after reading it, I can better understand it.