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How is the future development of handbag printing?

The role of design is primarily reflected in its convenience, usefulness, protection and publicity. In order to pursue the rationality of the design of the handbag, the designer not only needs to work hard on the planning but also to ensure the printing process in the later stage. As the handbag is an important item to display the corporate image and culture, the quality of its printing directly affects people's perception of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp a certain method when carrying out the printing of the tote bag , and to ensure that the tote bag is ingenious and generous after all.

In the modern product sales and various promotional activities, shopping tote bags can be described as a must-have item. Products such as clothing, gifts, and electronic products will be given to customers when they are sold. The handbag with its own brand LOGO logo is convenient for customers to carry, and can also enhance the product's grade to promote their own brand, and some merchants will create some handbags with promotional planning for a lot of distribution to promote brand promotion. . Of course, to a certain extent, the more delicate the handbag printing is made, the more expensive the packaging is, and the higher the cost. Therefore, shopping tote customization is also one of the daily business needs that major businesses value.

In order to promote products and services more effectively, almost all businesses will be equipped with delicate handbags for their products. Watching auto shows, shopping at shopping malls, buying cosmetics, going to brand stores to sweep goods, publishers opening new book launches, product vendors holding new product promotion conferences... When people come all the way, they always have a variety of hands in their hands. Various paper bags. These paper bags, some large, some petite; some of the colors are gorgeous, some are gorgeous, some are solemn; the pattern or unique style to win, or witty and humorous play; some focus on the use of products, some outstanding feature of product. These large and small paper tote bags form a beautiful scenery on the street.

According to reports, in terms of the price of handbag printing, the copper cardboard tote bag has a higher cost, followed by white cardboard, gray-white cardboard, and white card on white. If the film is required, its production cost is higher than that of kraft paper. Kraft paper has good stiffness and toughness, rough surface and base color. It is generally not suitable for 4-color printing. It only does some monochrome printing and does not need to be coated on the surface.

With the rapid development of the economy, China's gift shopping mall has now evolved into a gift economy, and the concept of gifts has changed dramatically. Liquor, red wine, brand bags, high-end cosmetics, celebrity paintings, and new electronic products are all included. among them. As a popular outer packaging item - the tote bag, it is a cheaper thing used by the public. In modern business activities, what is indispensable is propaganda. The handbag is like an activity advertisement. It not only provides convenience for shoppers, but also takes the opportunity to promote products or brands again. The size of the handbag printing mall is small, but it is not enough in people's social life. With the rise of China's commercial retail industry, the volume of handbag printing business will grow faster and faster. The packaging of the product is the face of the product, which is the element that the customer first attracts the customer when purchasing the product. Therefore, the company is very sophisticated in the packaging planning of the product, and strives to be attracted when the customer sees the product at the glance. Live, and good packaging can not help in planning the color, so Amway Mall to organize some color control skills in the packaging plan. The grasp of color skills should be noted from the following points: First, the relationship between color and packaging; second, the relationship between color and color itself. These two points are the key to color application.