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What requirements should be met when printing food packaging boxes?

Life is not just food, clothing, food and shelter, which shows the importance of food. Then the design requirements of the food packaging box are not low. Anhui Changjiang Color Printing believes that it is not only necessary to pay attention to the color, fragrance and taste of the food, but also to make the food convenient for transportation and improve the aesthetic effect of the food. So, how do we meet the requirements when designing food crates? How to design food crates suitable?

1. Safety and hygiene of food packaging: Food packaging must ensure that the packaging materials themselves are safe, non-toxic and non-volatile, that is, the packaging materials themselves have stable organizational components. In addition, during the implementation of the packaging process, there will be no substances or chemical components that chemically react with the ingredients of the food. There is no chemical change in the process of storage and transfer due to changes in climate and normal environmental factors.

2, the strength requirements of the food packaging box: As the food is still in the process of stacking, transportation, storage, etc. after the packaging is completed, it can reach the consumer's hand, which requires the food packaging to have a certain intensity, not in the process of flowing through Will be damaged.

3, the barrier requirements of food packaging: food packaging barrier requirements are determined by the characteristics of the food itself, different foods have different requirements for the packaging barrier properties. The barrier property of food packaging ensures that various bacteria, dust, light, gas, moisture, etc. in the external environment cannot enter the food in the package, and on the other hand, the moisture, oil, and aromatic components contained in the food are ensured. The ingredients essential to the quality of the food are not soaked out, so as to ensure that the packaged food does not change.

4, the temperature tolerance requirements of food packaging: food processing in the process must be treated by heat, and some are stopped after the high temperature disposal, such as canned food and cooking small food, some are hot filling, how hot hot drinks, and Many foods have a long shelf life. If they arrive or exceed one year, this kind of storage at room temperature will inevitably pass through the hot summer and continue to be above 300 degrees. These require food packaging to have a certain temperature resistance. The temperature resistance requirements vary with food and processing.