Food packaging classification

Food packaging classification
Food packaging classification

According to the layout structure of the printing plate, it can be divided into the following points:

Letterpress printing

Any printing method in which the printed graphic is higher than the blank and coated with ink around the graphic, and the graphic print is copied to the surface of the printed matter by the action of pressure, is called relief printing.

2. Lithography (offset printing)

Nowadays, it is customary to use offset printing as lithographic printing. The graphic and blank parts of the printing plate are on the same plane, and the image is transferred to the surface of the printed matter by the principle of oil-water separation.

3. Gravure printing

Gravure and relief printing are just the opposite, the image portion is concave, and the blank portion remains in the original plane. The image portion receives the ink layer and, under the pressure of the printing cylinder, transfers the ink layer to the surface of the printed matter to replicate the printed matter.

4. Filter printing

Screen printing is typical of filter printing. The ink permeates through the mesh (text) of the fabric and is reproduced as a graphic on the surface of the substrate.

The above four methods are called the four printing methods. According to the development of modern printing, they can also be divided into the following types:

5. Flexographic printing (printpress printing)

At the beginning, the flexographic plate was named aniline printed on the volatile liquid ink made of aniline dye, and the plate was made of rubber plate. However, with the development of technology, plates and inks have changed a lot, and flexographic printing has become today's flexographic printing.

6. Special paper printing

According to different printing materials and processes, special printing can be divided into: gold, silver printing; electro-aluminum hot stamping; bump imprinting; die-cutting indentation; metal printing; self-adhesive printing; glazing plastic molding; Bubble printing; inkjet printing; holographic printing and the like.

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