Food packaging design

Food packaging design
Food packaging design

The delicate food packaging shape design should follow the following principles:

(1) Combine the characteristics of the product itself and make full use of the form of the US law.

(2) Adapt to market demand, conduct accurate market positioning, and create brand personality.

(3) To be "light, thin, short, small" to prevent excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless.

(4) Inspire from nature and use the simulation method to design innovation of packaging shape.

(5) Give full consideration to environmental and ergonomic elements.

(6) Actively use new techniques and materials to design modern packaging shapes.

(7) Vigorously develop the design of serial packaging.

However, in order to truly meet the standards of green packaging, it is not perfect to rely solely on the above points, and green packaging technology is needed as a supplement. The technical elements mentioned here include equipment, processes, energy and technologies used in packaging design. The so-called green technology refers to a technical system that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution or improve ecology.