Tote bag printing matters

Tote bag printing matters
Tote bag printing matters

First, in the process of printing the handbag, pay attention to the use of the same kind of ink, do not mix inks of different nature, if the two are not compatible, it will affect the quality of the handbag.

Second, in the printing, to ensure the nature of the ink, to avoid direct sunlight, but also to maintain the indoor temperature, within 10-26 degrees Celsius is better.

Third, in the process of printing the handbag , if the ink is not constantly stirred, it will easily appear to bond, which will affect the overall appearance of the handbag. However, be careful not to dilute too much, so that the printed product will have a color difference, and it can be adjusted by adding a thickener as appropriate.

Fourth, in the printing process, we must also fully play the role of water, it can effectively control the viscosity of ink, but also can play a role in balancing the pH. If the ph value is not controlled between 8.5 and 9.5, it should be adjusted by adding water or a pH stabilizer.

5. The tote bag is a kind of high-speed printing. The printing process is very fast, so there is a certain requirement for the dryness of the ink. If the drying speed of the ink is too slow, a desiccant can be added to increase its drying speed. If printing is performed while the ink is still dry, it is easy to cause the layout to become sticky, which will also affect the overall printing efficiency.

6. After the printing is completed, the equipment should be cleaned. The ink on the equipment should be cleaned in a viscous state. This can increase the cleaning speed. If it is not possible to clean with water, some cleaning agents can be added.