Book printing process

Book printing process
Book printing process

The first is plate making, which is to make plates and plates. The plates are divided into woodcuts, lithographs, movable type, screen, electroplated, photo, plastic, rubber, photopolymer, electronic plate, color laser phototypesetting system, etc. Electronic color separation plate making is based on the principle of photoelectric conversion. The electronic desktop system takes another step. It only needs to scan the picture with color scanner.

The second is imposition. Book printing is to put the original into a complete layout according to certain formats and requirements.

The third step is to fold the printed sheet by the number of openings. The fold is a relatively simple process in the printing process. The folded page is called "folding", and the mark on the fold is called "folding". The earlier form of folding is folded.

The fourth step is that printing is to make printed matter according to text or picture manuscript.

The next step is proofreading is a necessary part of the book publishing process. The requirement is to check the proofs according to the original or the original, eliminate the errors and defects in the typesetting, and correct the arrangement technology and layout implementation according to the publication specifications and requirements. Problem, standardize and ensure the quality of the publication.

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