Product printing process

Product printing process
Product printing process

After the production of Anhui albums is completed, in order to make them more beautiful and elegant, we usually carry out various post-press processing.

1. Brightening (light) film: It can improve the brightness, smoothness and brighter color of the printed materials such as albums, and it is more fashionable. At the same time, it can also be waterproof, increase durability, and resist wrinkles.

2, matte film: can make business cards and other printed materials matt, smooth, elegant color, and at the same time play the role of waterproof, increased durability, resistance to wrinkles, etc., can increase the grade of printed matter.

3, hot ordinary bright gold, hot silver: is to use a metal texture of the material on the desk calendar and other printed paper, gold foil paper material is divided into gold, silver, metal luster, Fu Li Tang later, so that the printed image produces a strong contrast .

4, local UV: This is a kind of printed surface decoration technology such as business cards. It is named because it uses high-brightness, transparency, and wear-resistant UV varnish to hang the printed image. The local special light that has been UV-treated is like a light ring cover in the UV-over area, which has a feel, very smooth and very high end. Together with the theme of Jie's publishing, it also enhances the post-press retouching effect of printed matter, in order to reach the intention of making the print icing on the cake.

5, custom rounded corners: rounded corners are directly die-cut through the mold, can choose to fill the corners on four corners or a corner.